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Glendale, Colorado’s only independent coffee shop!

About Us

“We believe specialty coffee is a service, not a product.”

Cafe Typica

Our Glendale coffee shop, better known as Cafe’ Typica, is a family-owned business that is passionate about serving our artisan, small-batch, air roasted coffee.

Additionally, we ship our specialty coffee, cascara and equipment throughout the United States and Canada. Click the button below to check out our online shop. Thank you in advance for shopping and supporting small and keep scrolling for first-time customer coupons!

Small Lots Roasted in Small Batches

You might be wondering what small-batch roasting is all about and why it’s worth seeking out!

Cafe Typica sources micro lots from all around the world; micro lots can be sourced from a single farm, a small holder collective, or a special processing. More often than not, these lots are purchased directly from the farm, other times at auction. A micro lot can be as small as one bag of coffee and is generally in the range of 10 – 60 kilo bags (22 – 132 lbs).

Home roasters and small retail roasters have had access to these lots for years and until recently, they have only been available to small groups of “in the know” customers. Word got out! As demand for truly exceptional coffees grew, the mega-roasters began competing for these lots and began offering them in boutique stores, or as limited offerings. More consumers have become aware of their choices, but it’s still corporate coffee.

Cafe’ Typica sources one bag at a time and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This keeps our coffee fresh and allows us to create new favorites for you on a regular basis!

To show our appreciation for your interest in shopping small, please enjoy 15% off your first in-store purchase with coupon code: welcome, or 25% off your first online order of $30 or more with coupon code: onlinewelcome (coupons exclude equipment)

Looking forward to meeting and serving you!