Kenyan Nyeri Thageini


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Coming from the Nyeri region of Kenya, this is far and away the best coffee in the house.

Thageini is a ‘big’ smelling coffee, tropical fruit and citrus notes lining the aromatic profile. The fragrance of City roasts are perfumed with a smell of passion fruit and apple juice, followed by a spiced accent that gives off the impression of mulling spiced apple cider. It’s a super sweet smelling coffee, sugary smells are candy-sweet, and the wet aroma is blossoming with maple-backed fruit smells like pomegranate and juicing oranges. Citrus is the first flavor I can think of when sipping the hot cup, like pink grapefruit, brilliant, tart, and sweet. Sweetness is bolstered with allusions to raw sugar, a ‘clean‘ sweetness, easily supporting the weight of fruited top notes. The cool cup reveals many, many fruit flavor – fresh plum, boysenberry, Valencia oranges (common “juicing” orange), Welch’s grape juice, and pineapple name a few. Complex fruit flavors are followed closely by ground cinnamon, and to much lighter degree, all-spice notes. Acidity is bright, citric, especially in the City to City+ roast region and cleanses the palate like orange juice. Darker roasts show a milk chocolate and hazelnut side in the finish too, that we found to add elegance to an already complex cup.

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