Bolivia Caranavi Organic


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Wow! This stuff is fun. Awesome as a hot drink. Great as a hot brew iced. Cold brews like a champ. Concentrated, it can be used to make a fruity Latte.

I noticed that there is a distinct flavor difference between the first sip and all subsequent sips. Just a touch of bitter and acid on the first and deep fruits after. If I had to guess, it must condition your tongue on that first taste.

There is a hint of cherry, raisin or dried cranberry, a strong tamarind taste and a mystery citrus.

Caffeine content is about 1/3 that of drip coffee.

Steep 1 TBSP per 2 ounces of water for 8 minutes. For cold brew, steep 2 TBSP per 2 ounces 8-24 hours. It even works as a “sun Tea.”

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