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This coffee is the result of a new project that has sprung up in the La Plata Municipality of Huila, Colombia. Dissatisfied with the cooperatives/associations to which they were members in the past, 25 families have banded together in order to play a more direct role in the selection process and sale of their coffees. La Plata lies in the foothills of the Cordillera Central mountain range, the farms in this group spanning a range of 1800 meters to 2000 meters above sea level. The average farm size is about 2 hectares with less than 10,000 trees planted, Caturra being the dominant cultivar grown, with some Variedad Colombia, and Castillo mixed in.

This coffee’s sweetness is complex and overt, the aroma and flavor covering ground from floral honey to ripe fruits, and with volume. At City roast level, the ground coffee is perfumed with raw honeycomb smells, a floral sweetness, and is highlighted by a fragrant note of ripe apple. A shade darker produces a scent of golden brown panela sugar, with a luscious grape and Bartlett pear scent. What a boost hot water adds to all of this: creamed honey, cane juice, vanilla sugar load the steam, and a host of fruit-juice suggestions come into play on the break. This coffee brews so well, a “chewy” sweetness in substance to say the least. When hot, you’re greeted with an underlying white honey sweetness that touches on floral in aroma. Malic to tartaric fruits like Asian pear, apple, green grape, and bergamot citrus highlight the cup as the temperature cools down a bit. The flavors are crisp and defined, culminating in an extremely clean finish. Acidity too is articulate, translating as a structured cup, and enlivening the overall flavor profile.

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