Nicaragua Don Isidro

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Don Isidro – Mulled Red Wine Microlot

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: nectary, nice, peach, sweet, nectary tea, juicy, orange. Second roast: Peach, star fruit, cherry.

Wet aroma: oak, red wine, orange blossom. Second roast: mulled red wine, wine, nutmeg.

Taste: citric, azahar, earl grey, jasmine, floral, could develop the roast a little more. Second roast: red wine cooked, nice with a steak dinner, deep, body, “serious.”

Finca Idealista

We are a coffee farming group made up of many specialty coffee farms. Our flagship farm, Finca Idealista, sits next to a nature reserve, whose trees are a natural air conditioner for our pacas, caturra, bourbon, pache, and a few pacamara beans (we’re also planting new varieties). Our cool microclimate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, allowing beans time to absorb natural sugars and attributes for a sweet, complex cup. Our live coffee museum provides high-cupping varieties to producers and an educational experience for roasters.

Well-paid pickers select only the reddest cherries so the farm’s crop reaches its highest level of sweetness. We export and import only the best coffee for you with zero middlemen. It doesn’t get more direct!

We reinvest in our communities through sustainable-development projects:

  • Access to credit in a country where access to credit is nearly non-existent

  • 90% female computing classes given for free to coffee community youth

  • An operation for a young girl so she could walk for the first time, and a handicapped-accessible house

  • Running water in schools far from utility grids

  • Textbooks, desks, libraries, and other educational necessities in schools.

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