Burundi – Masenga Hill

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Our first light roast coffee!

Tart and Tangy. Lemons and an earthiness similar to black tea. Bright but not bitter.

In terms of altitude, soil, and climate, Burundi is ideal for growing coffee; but having been forced to grow coffee during Belgian colonization there was little enthusiasm for coffee farming after independence in 1962, and no incentive for quality. Fifteen years ago, when prices began to rise and become relatively stable, green Burundi coffee farmers in the northern highlands did not forget that Rwanda received better prices for their coffee and they started to emulate some of what was happening in Rwanda. They formed cooperatives and sought ways to improve quality.

This coffee is processed at Migoti washing station in Mutambu Commune of Bujumbura Province, Burundi. This coffee is the red bourbon cultivar of the arabica varietal, grown on different hills around the Migoti station at altitudes of 1600-1950 meters above sea level (masl). (The Migoti station is located at 1850 masl.)

Masenga Hill has 399 farmers with over 12,000 coffee trees. The word Masenga is translated as “place of caves.” The hill is about 7 kilometers from the washing station and sits at roughly 1700 meters above sea level. The soil is sand, loam and clay.

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