Mexico – Huatusco (Extended Fermentation)

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Mexican Coffee beans

Heavy body, bakers chocolate, brownie, toffee, cherry

This lot has undergone an extended fermentation process much like what is used in natural wine production. With the indigenous yeasts, bacteria, and fungi that come into contact with the coffee cherries serving as a starter culture. Some could consider this to be the best representation of the coffee’s growing environment. This specific fermentation runs for about three times longer than the normal time.

Huatusco is an ideal region to grow coffee thanks to its abundant rainfall. Processing coffee in Huatusco is slightly more complicated than in other Mexican regions during coffee harvest season due to the rainy days and very cold nights (which delay the fermentation process). Rainy conditions also mean a lot of coffee is mechanically dried. Most coffee today is grown on small to medium sized farms of 1-18 hectares. Cherry is delivered to the wet mill during the afternoon and evening then de-pulped and fermented for an average of 15 – 20 hours, washed before being centrifugated and pre-dried, passing through a drying machine in a continuous flow for 30 – 36 hours to ensure avoidance of defects due to excess of moisture.

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