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This coffee was produced by various farmers working in the area surrounding Coatepec, in the Mexican State of Veracruz.  All the farmers contributing to this lot farm the rich, volcanic soils of Northern Veracruz, nearby the historic town of Xalapa.  The name Xalapa (ha-la-pa) comes from the Nahuatl roots xālli [ˈʃaːlːi] “sand” and āpan [ˈaːpan] “water place”, translating more or less to ‘spring in the sand’.”

Varietal: Caturra, Typica & Garnica

Processing: Fully washed & dried in guardiolas

Altitude: 1,263 metres above sea level

Owner: Grupo Cafetalero San Francisco, of the Wet Mill and Dry MIll

Town / City: Coatepec

Region: Veracruz

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