Papua New Guinea Western Highlands AA – Kimel

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Earthy, smooth, with cacao nibs bitterness coffee beans


This washed AA grade coffee comes from locally owned Kimel plantation, located in the Waghi Valley of Papua New Guinea’s Western Highlands, and founded in 1974 by Bobby Gibbs. The Kimel River which is located next to the plantation provides clean water. Education is offered to the children and medical facilities are provided for the workers and their families. Kimel Plantation practices environmentally friendly practices, including the use of pulp as organic fertilizer and recycling water. 

Compared to the speed with which Europeans colonized other parts of the world, they seemed to spill over Oceania in slow motion. So, although the highlands of PNG are textbook coffee land, commercial coffee production was not established until 1928. In typical British colonial style, coffee was initially grown on plantations (though atypically planted with Blue Mountain from Jamaica). The history of colonial New Guinea mirrors that of central Africa. Feeling left out of the general expansionist trend, Germany grabbed a portion of northern New Guinea in the late 1800’s and then lost it during WWI. The Japanese invaded PNG during WWII and the island saw fierce fighting for much of the war. For most of the 20th century, administrative responsibility for PNG and its ever evolving configuration (and name) rested with Australia. 

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